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Bugwolf to present on Software Testing at upcoming Australian Computer Society event

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has asked Bugwolf CEO and Founder Ash Conway to present at its upcoming Networking event on 30 September in Brisbane and via external broadcast. The keynote will address the power of humans not bots in software testing. The cost of software defects is rising and the speed of the cloud is putting quality under enormous pressure as clients need to ship products faster to remain competitive.
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Software bugs cost the economy $312 billion (USD) in 2013 alone, and this amount continues to grow as software becomes essential in everything we do.

Conway’s keynote will highlight the impact of delivering poor quality digital experiences to customers, and how no organisation is immune. The inefficiencies of crowd testing in the enterprise, how Bugwolf addressed these challenges, and the results some of Australia's largest organisations continue to achieve.

ACS is the association for Australia’s information and communications technology (ICT) profession providing support to members in career development, networking and education. The events are formal networking opportunities to create business opportunities and forge new relationships.

With 20 years of International business development, 11 years of that building technology companies, Ash has has worked with tech startups through to acquisition and generated sales revenue as high as $150 million. As a serial entrepreneur, he is focused on finding and solving market needs that have broad appeal among early adopters which are underserved and untapped, and that cloud, internet of things, and mobile enabled technologies can address.

Ash has extensive experience designing software and leading software development teams. During the early stages of his career, he worked as a designer in Europe and ran an award winning agency in Melbourne.

Ash has been able to combine both his acumen for business, technology, and design into creating digital products that solve real world problems that deliver great user experiences. He is passionate about software testing, people marketplaces, crowdsourcing, game design, and the on-demand economy.

For more information on the event, please visit the ACS website.

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