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CUA launches hackathon to leverage startups

Credit Union Australia Limited has become another major Australian financial services corporation to develop innovation through startup partnerships. CUA will be launching their first hackathon in Brisbane. The event will be open to entrepreneurs, startups, developers and CUA employees.
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Hosted in conjunction with River City Labs, the CUA hackathon is dedicated to finding unique financial solutions that will raise their customer’s quality of life. CUA's general manager of of business transformation and technology Sue Coulter said, “This initiative is an exciting opportunity for CUA members, employees and non-members to work together for mutual benefit. It is also an excellent avenue to hear from our employees who are familiar with the CUA business and gain some fresh ideas and new perspectives from outside CUA on how we can better cater for our members’ financial needs.”

The purpose is to present new ideas. Various teams will create and refine ideas that they will then present to a panel of judges that include Credit Union Australia CEO Rob Goudswaard and Shark Tank mentor entrepreneur Steve Baxter. The winning team will receive a mentoring session with Steve Baxter and five-thousand dollars.

The disruption caused by digital technology has inspired CUA to address the need for innovation in the increasingly competitive fintech space by reaching out to startups over the last twelve months in order to incorporate diversified thinking into the financial ecosystem. By creating its own event, CUA is engaging entrepreneurs as well as their own employees in order to bring out the best entrepreneurial and front line ideas that will create value in the future.

The CUA hackathon will take place August 4th through 6th. You can register for the event here.

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