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Ash Conway to present at digital mothership conference

Our founder and CEO Ash Conway will be speaking at the Digital Mothership conference on June 9th. The event will take place from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM at Collective Campus - 20 Queen Street Level 1, Melbourne, VIC 3000, in Australia.
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The event is sponsored by KJR, a major provider of expertise in software quality. KJR provides advice to many of Australia’s leading companies and organizations to help them with the digital innovation necessary to meet increasing customer demand. KJR is into mitigating risk while accelerating the pace of digital transformation.

Presentations will launch at 10:00 AM with a keynote presentation by Jonathon Wright Director of Digital Engineering at Hitachi Consulting in the UK.  Mr. Wright will also present on the subject of practical DevOps processes with Visual Studio, later in the day.

Some of the other presenters will be Anne-Marie Charrett and Adam Bird as well as presentations from KJR and Dynatrace. Titles of presentations include Design Thinking, Lean Business and Innovation, User Experience Monitoring: Key Principles and Practices, Practical Approaches to Risk and Maturity in Digital Transformation and Agile Engineering vs Corporate Compliance.

Ash Conway will present along with Jen Storey on Innovation in Design UX and Quality. Ash thoroughly enjoys making such presentations. Bugwolf is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that are applicable in the ever changing digital landscape and it’s great to interface with like minded people who are looking for ways of staying on the cutting edge and don’t mind a little disruption.

Tickets are available at the at the Everbright site.


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