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What kind of customer service software do you need

Outstanding customer support is a necessary element for success. Startups often begin with only the most basic customer service infrastructure, such as email and small service elements packaged in simple management or productivity applications. They only realize the need for purpose built customer service apps as business increases and the old way of doing things proves inadequate.
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The increasing complexity of digital technology makes keeping tabs on customer requests much more complicated. Prioritizing customer problems and resolving them in a timely manner has become a major element of customer service. Client demand increases as sales go up and a company that is not prepared to address that demand will fall behind the competition. It is necessary to have the right information at the right time and be able to process that information efficiently.

It's a good idea to bring stakeholders in early, before the decision to purchase a particular customer service app has been made, so that the organization's actual needs can be addressed and business objectives can be taken into account.

But, simply deploying customer service software isn’t enough. It's important to know what problems you are trying to solve when choosing a customer service application. Know what customer service problems your company has already run into and realistically project the kind of problems it might face in the future. Make sure to get input from customer facing employees. There's nothing like knowing what's happening on the front lines.

While it is important to have a customer service system that your sales people find easy to use, it should also be easy for your customers to use. It depends on your business model and customer demographics. If your business is brick and mortar or you are selling to older people or selling a physical product, then having a physical phone system is vital, and it should be a system that enables people to blow through the automated system and actually talk to a person. Few things are as frustrating as answering one set of multiple choice questions after another in order to reach a live person or to find that there is no live person at all. A direct phone link isn’t as important if you are dealing with mainly younger or tech savvy customers, or selling exclusively online.

Don’t be afraid to take a phased approach. Layer in one or two applications and see how it goes. You’ll soon learn more and find out what’s missing. You can then confidently add those systems that best fit your real time business operations.


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