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Fostering enablers: part five of the Accenture Report Series

Digital infrastructure has increasingly developed over the last few decades as innovation has piled on innovation. This infrastructure has redesigned existing technology and developed new technology as well. It reaches into all elements of modern society and has arrived at a point where a large portion of the human race takes it for granted.
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And while development continues, IT has reached such a level of saturation that the primary enablers of digital technology have a growing responsibility for the future. Who are the primary enablers? They are government, business, education and the public. Fortunately, each of these sectors can foster the others to insure that the future of IT moves in a direction that benefits all.

Government can foster business by streamlining laws to make establishing and operating digital businesses easier. Online markets need harmonized rules that are easy to understand and comply with and these rules should not stifle innovation. Another important government function to supply the infrastructure that private enterprise cannot set up on its own.  

Government, business and individuals can work to ensure that the educational opportunities are there for the next generation, while IT professionals can transform the educational system through the use of digital technology.

The public can do more than just vote with their wallets. They can demand an environment where trust is an important part of of both society and the economy. Information is power and the coming digital world will run on information. The temptation to tap into that global resource in unethical ways will only increase. It’s up to the public to ensure that government and business treat their information with the confidentiality and respect it deserves. Confidentiality is actually in the best interest of government and business. Both these groups want to be trusted and treating personal information in a cavalier manner is a quick way to lose that trust.  

So, the public can demand a trustworthy use of personal data while government can supply a rational framework and fill in the gaps in infrastructure.  Business can provide the innovation and the products while all three can promote and encourage education. This combination of mutual support and cooperation will make a fair, free and productive digital world possible.

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