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How to accelerate customer experience testing for Apple iOS 9 release

It’s that time again. Over the weekend, Apple released iOS 9 into beta and a bunch of new exciting features to come with it. And with the release comes a range of challenges for organisations. The window can often be short, and testing the quality of these changes with your applications as the different versions of beta are released can be challenging.
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Most organisations have a plan for these types of changes, but many also do not. Traditionally these releases cause a range of issues as most organisations are focused on testing new products in the pipeline as opposed to maintenance testing products which are already in production. It can be challenging re-assigning resources and re-prioritising work.

At Bugwolf we provide on-demand elite teams of testers which, within very short notice, can be rigorously testing your iOS applications for iOS 9 beta release. Our elite teams can be assembled on a rolling basis to customer experience test your applications as Apple releases new beta versions and your team pushes updates.

And this means delivering better digital customer experiences to your customers at a much faster pace and more cost effective rate than your competitors, increasing your net promoter score, and creating brand champions.

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