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Thoughts on fintech and the future of asset management

Fintech (financial technology) has had considerable effects on asset management, but this is only the beginning. Cloud based financial service providers, blockchain technology, online consulting and financial management software are only beginning to have an effect and there are more new developments in the works.
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This is all being driven by advances in digital technology and the fact that clients are no longer as trusting as they once were. The instability of the investment sector has made people more cautious and more willing to step back and evaluate investment opportunities for themselves, rather than rely on experts. While they still want the information, opinions and evaluations that experts can provide, they are less willing to take action without careful personal consideration.

Clients are relying a great deal more on their own understanding than they were before, and they want their understanding to be as complete as possible. Fintech is now stepping in to fill that need. Analytics tools and big data are facilitating the development of new investment possibilities. Also, mobile computing has allowed access to investment strategies and opportunities that were once reserved only for major players. Couple this with a continuously growing number of startups in the financial sector whose presence increases competition, thereby bringing costs down, and the result is more information moving at a faster rate resulting in greater net returns.

But, it isn’t just startups who are embracing fintech. Major financial institutions such as NAB and others are reaching for the efficiency, and increased profits that fintech can provide. These include USB, Barclays and Deutsche Bank, and JP Morgan is working on blockchain technology to improve liquidity management. Bank of America has also filed patents for eleven cryptocurrency applications and is drafting twenty blockchain technology patents.

Fintech is generating all sorts of future opportunities. It will soon be possible to create comprehensive databases that will help investors and money managers make decisions using an unprecedented level of detail. They will be able to drill down through consistently updated information on stocks, bonds and even money management firms themselves.  We may even see major technology firms like IBM and Google entering the money management field. Fintech has opened the door to new ways of asset management, and the world is walking through it.


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