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Why software quality has become one of the most critical parts of an organisation

When you consider the seismic across organisations in the past decade it's focus has been on driving workforce productivity or limit the resources they have. Workforces have been replaced by technology. Today most of your customers interact with your brand and business via a slate of glass and rarely engage with real people.
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This has placed an unprecedented amount of pressure on your digital products. They must work consistently and when they no longer do, customers call a single number for support, they jump into social media to share not only what they had for lunch but also their digital experiences. It’s also easy for customers to move their business these days.

At Bugwolf we address these challenges by helping organisations de-risk their digital products at significantly less cost and time than traditional quality assurance testing models. We do this by making software testing more engaging for the participants, producing a much more accelerated output and efficient results for our customers.

The bottom line is that while the pressure of quality mounts, the cost of maintaining quality does not, enabling better quality customer experiences, without breaking the bank.

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