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Agile software testing and building in quality

While the aim of software development and testing is to build a quality application, there are certain protocols which, when followed, help to ensure a quality build right from the start. These protocols are built into the philosophy of agile development.
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The concept of agile development and testing is based on teamwork.  Its purpose is to integrate the various groups involved in the software development lifecycle and create a team that can operate as a cohesive whole.

No one in development or operations is considered inferior to anyone else.  Developers, for example, act as the core of the development cycle.  The agile framework gives developers the ability to control not only their portion of the cycle, but to influence much of the testing architecture as well.  Agile methodology is about delivering working code in an ongoing manner. This can only be accomplished if developers have the ability to write tests that can maintain a high level of code quality.

The actual protocol of always being ready to present a shippable product gives end users the capacity to provide feedback on a regular basis.  It isn't necessary for users to wait for a fully developed product before determining the efficacy of some portion of that product.

Agile software testing builds in quality by creating an effective team that can develop and test in a cooperative manner. Such a team can accommodate all the necessary feedback required to make certain that the final product meets the desired standards.  As issues arise, the flexibility of the development cycle and the team itself provides for a level of feedback sufficient to keep information flowing at a rapid pace. This enables the quality of testing to increase throughout the cycle and to better reflect the real world in which the application must function. It also inspires the creativity of those involved by making each individual and group contribution an important part of the whole.  No one is ignored and elements like user testing are not shoved off to the very end of the cycle when time and money are in short supply.

All in all, the agile framework makes for a faster operating team that can respond quickly and evolve as required, thereby improving the chances of building in quality.

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