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How to access an on demand software testing during peak delivery cycles

The modern digital agency often provides an extended array of services to their customers. Whilst digital is becoming a larger part of the overall strategy, projects tend to be tied to client bids, and the digital projects can come in peaks and troughs, making it more difficult to resource.
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There is a good chance that if you hire a software tester on-site you will be required to commit to a lengthy contract. Also, depending on the type of environment you’re running such as waterfall, agile, or continuous deployment, that individual might spend a significant amount of their time in between test cycles waiting for releases. Downtime is both costly and can significantly impact employee motivation and corporate culture. Bugwolf helps to eliminate and address this inefficiency of resource.

We’ve addressed this challenge at Bugwolf by providing a SaaS platform which enables our clients to accelerate software testing themselves, a vetted marketplace to extend their existing testing teams, or managed tests where clients can outsource their testing.There are no monthly commitments and you can scale the team when needed.

When utilising our model clients discover more bugs with less people in less time prior to releasing applications, reducing test cycles from weeks to days, lowering the cost of testing by up to 50%, and accelerating testing and product releases.

In turn this means, you will get access to a team of software testers as and when needed, plus you won’t be paying for expensive resources in between downtime or release cycles.

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