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Why Xero, Salesforce, and Atlassian are ripe for disruption

Technology is speeding up everything we do from making transactions to consuming information. If you ponder how long these tasks took 10 years ago we have seen significant acceleration. And technology companies are not protected from this change of pace and established business naturally struggle to keep up.
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As organisations become large they often become more difficult to move. These businesses go through a transition from being rebellious,innovative and breaking the rules, to focusing more on productivity gains as they take on more investors and as the cost of risk increases they become more protective of these changes.

Xero, Salesforce, and Atlassian are not immune. They were established in early 2000. Their focus has most likely shifted to  more on productivity gains and sales growth than product. These companies on the rise to the top have been acquiring companies. As they integrate these companies they become big complex applications, which take too many clicks to do anything.

Meanwhile as these big complex applications grow, the rest of world has decided we want simple narrow focused products. Products that do one thing and solve one problem but solve it really well. People are also becoming more aware of user experience and the value of design. These applications were built in a different era and design is front and centre.

Bugwolf aspires to build a company like Atlassian but believe their product is complex, and our clients says the same. The testing market has changed and no longer do static apps cut it. Users want living breathing applications, which are smart and intuitive, don’t require training or lengthy installation processes to be able to use them to their fullest.  

At Bugwolf we address these challenges but taking a design first approach when building our application. Our product and company has been built with a  design first approach.. We have designed a product anyone can use and we don't believe you need so many different products and services in the testing space to solve today’s digital quality and user experience challenges.

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