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How to reduce manual exploratory software testing cycles from weeks to days

If you’ve spent any time building startups or software, you’ll be familiar with releases running late. And due to this, often very little time is left for manual exploratory testing - let alone customer testing. With the rise of agile and the growth of test automation, lengthy manual testing cycles have become a rare luxury.
We cut software testing from weeks to days. Let’s talk for 15 minutes to see if we can accelerate your digital delivery too. Schedule a call with our CEO Ash Conway.
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Only a very small percentage of organisations are running continuous deployment models including MYOB, REA, and Envato. This approach allows companies to quickly iterate development rather than shipping large releases. However, due to internal security, risk and compliance in large organisations, continuous deployment may never be a reality.  

To reduce these cycles from weeks to days, Bugwolf has created a pay for performance model for testing. We do this by gamifying the test process and assembling elite teams of digital professionals who compete to discover usability, user experience and functional defects in software, over significantly shorter timeframes, all for less cost.

Ultimately this means your products and innovation can be released to market faster than your competitors, allowing you to spend more time and money on producing quality (and effective) products.

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