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Software testing and quality assurance is set for renaissance

There are not many more eye rolling topics than quality assurance. Unless it’s a matter of life or death, quality assurance is a process which tends to be left to the last minute. In many industries it gets little attention. It can also be looked at as an expensive and tedious process which requires significant time and resources.
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And in this fast moving market, quality assurance can the lack the attention it really deserves. If you’re lucky, failure might not end on the front page of the papers. However when it turns pear-shaped the costs can be significant.

In digital and software quality the times are changing. Today, organisations are moving most interactions with customers from a physical world into a digital one in a drive to increase shareholder wealth and productivity. Risk which was once tightly managed by teams of employees is now in the hands of your customers. This is putting organisations under enormous pressure. The slightest interruption in quality can wreak havoc amongst your customers and for your brand. In the future, all customer engagement will be managed by a single pane of glass.

At Bugwolf, we make quality assurance testing more fun and engaging which produces an outstanding result for our customers. We do this by turning quality assurance into a game where elite testers compete over accelerated time to make your products better. We also put the testers through a vetting process, only the best of the best make it into our team. This ensures the quality of the results are significantly better than alternative testing models. We are not constrained by their physical location which gives us access to the best testers around the globe.

And this leads to reducing the risk of releasing digital products, accelerating the speed of quality testing, allowing you to spend more time on building quality products and creating a great customer experience which your customers will want to share with their friends and family.

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