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The benefits of testing software with a fresh set of eyes

We all get too close to our own projects and it's totally human to do so. In fact, it’s called groupthink and it basically means that when you are too close to a team or a project, it can be difficult to see beyond you and your team’s view of the world.
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When this extends to digital assets, it’s amazing how blinded we are all in danger of becoming and how we perceive things.

The pressure to release a product by a particular time frame (and budget) and that you have lived and breathed a project for so long, can be another determining factor. This phenomenon can impact quality, usability, and customer experience which can lead to buggy software releases, loss of revenue, and clients being unhappy with the last mile of the engagement. 

We address this at Bugwolf by providing our clients with an external team of software professionals who perform tasks like customers, from the most basic to the complex. These teams have little understanding of the product, have no experience working with your teams and are not worried about protecting relationships. Added to this, they are incentivised to provide real, open and honest feedback before launch.

Consequently, there is significantly reduced risk of products being released to market (and customers) with bugs, reducing negative noise in social media and mainstream press, and creating happier customers.

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