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How technology helps CMOs achieve brand recognition

Digital technology is transforming the art of marketing and offering CMOs the ability to create brand recognition in new and unique ways. Omnichannel promotion enables geo-targeting and personalization in a way that creates a new form of brand loyalty. It use to be that brand loyalty was based almost solely on the product itself. Now, brand loyalty can be generated by direct communication with the customer.
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Walk into some fast food restaurants and you’ll see a sign that says, “Avoid the line, order with the app.” Customers can now order via phone and have their food waiting when they arrive. Services like this save the customer time and effort and encourage brand loyalty. 

The brand that succeeds, and is remembered, will be the one that customers can relate to in a personal way. This is ironic, as pundits were prophesying only a few decades ago that the advent of digital technology would depersonalize the world. In reality, it’s the exact opposite. A truly personalized brand that relates directly to the customer, is the best guarantee of future sales.

Learning to see things from the customer's viewpoint is the single most important skill that CMOs need to develop. It starts with measuring everything. Gather all the data possible without becoming invasive. Use surveys, feedback and customer interaction through different channels. But don't stop there. Perform external and internal tests, everything from placing orders through shopping carts to measuring customer service response time.

The tendency, only a few years ago, was to make digital campaigns mirror offline campaigns. Now digital dominates. A company’s website has become its front door and social media is where reputations can be made or broken.

Omnichannel marketing is forcing attention away from traditional importances, like conversion rates and cart abandonment and is now focusing attention on the entire customer experience. Personalization means that customers no longer interface with a website or even a brick and mortar store so much as they interface with the brand itself. This gives CMOs the ability to use the vast array of digital tools at their disposal to create a unique branding experience.


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