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Using digital technology to manage transformation

Change is in the air. Disruption is the order of the day and not just the kind caused by advances in technology. The recent disruption of the financial markets caused by Britain's decision to leave the EU is a case in point. It is an important illustration of just how much finance and business in general relies on politics. But, not only is there hope in uncertain times, there is a business solution that has nothing to do with politics.
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Business operates best in a stable political environment, or rather big business operates best. Organizations with a lot of assets and infrastructure react more slowly to change and so prefer a stable platform on which to operate. This is why so many large corporations and financial institutions spend so much time, effort and money in an attempt to make government predictable. Government keeps the society running and manages change across corporate boundaries. This is something that businesses finds difficult to accomplish on their own.  Then the day comes when government isn’t so reliable anymore.  

Fortunately, digital technology makes scalable and coherent transformation possible, whether a business is providing services or products, even if it is not directly involved in an information based industry. The key is in building networks, both within the organization and externally with other organizations.

Networking through digital technology provides numerous advantages. Software enables isolated functions to be linked together for efficiency. Previously internal functions can be outsourced and the money saved and personnel involved can be retasked to creating future growth. It is then possible to build new products and services that add value to the organization. Digital makes it possible to build an agile infrastructure that can successfully sail through political storms.

With a little knowledge and skill, digital technology makes handling disruption possible and profitable, no matter where the disruption comes from.

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