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Exploratory Testing Provides Value And Speed For iOS8

Exploratory manual testing is effective in rapid testing situations where test coverage and value is important because it finds defects in unexpected workflows, buried deep within iOS8 integration or right on the surface. Exploratory testing is manual testing that allows the individual tester to use their intellect, experience, and drive to break software creatively to unearth defects.
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With mobile applications and iOS8, it’s important to remember end users and how quickly the application gets into their hands. Exploratory testing is effective when speed, flexibility, test coverage and value are critical and testing time is short.

Speed and flexibility testing

With exploratory testing, the mobile application becomes an open book without expectations or anticipated results. After all the full iOS8 effect on an existing application is unknown. Exploratory testing allows the tester to expand their knowledge while exploring workflows - good, bad and bizarre. Test coverage and flexibility is enhanced because testing is limited only by the creativity of the tester. Exploratory testing uncovers the inherent nature of the application in a rapid and flexible manner. It doesn’t require any special tools or training and can be scheduled as needed during any point in the development cycle.

Test coverage and value

Exploratory testing increases the value of regression or certification testing because it finds defects. Exploratory testing finds defects other testing misses because it focuses not only on expected or negative results, but also on actual end user experience. Testers are mobile application users proficient using multiple platforms and excited to test iOS8.  Who better to discover hidden defects other testing can’t find? Exploratory testing provides rapid effective test coverage and finds defects important to customers. Testers can explore scenarios involving functionality, security, and app integration that otherwise often go untested due to time constraints and unknown release effects, as with iOS8.

Exploratory testing as a service

The world doesn’t need other “as a service” acronym but ExTaaS sounds intriguing. There are companies forming to fill this need, and one is Bugwolf. Bugwolf users are provided a variety of options that include a pre-built test environment, testers, and test management services.  Bugwolf’s services significantly reduce testing cycle time and lower the cost of beta testing by up to 50%.

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