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Bugwolf wins People Choice Award at IBM SmartCamp and IBM Australia - Entrepreneur of the Year

Bugwolf has been honoured to win the People’s Choice Award at this year’s IBM Smart Camp held at the Carlton Connect in Melbourne. IBM SmartCamp takes place across the world, includes thirty countries and is part of the IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year Program.
Bugwolf helps digital and delivery teams release software faster with more confidence by unblocking the software testing bottleneck and increasing testing coverage.
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IBM SmartCamp gives start-ups and entrepreneurs across the globe a marvellous opportunity to gain insight from some of the most important mentors in the business while pitching to a select audience, including some of the big names in the world of Venture Capital. And Bugwolf was one of only five organizations chosen to make a presentation at this year’s event in Melbourne. 

Bugwolf CEO and Founder Ash Conway gave an enlightening presentation entitled Discover More Bugs with Less People in Less Time; outlining why Bugwolf’s unique model helps organisations get better results, faster, and with less people - specifically humans and not ‘bots’. Software testing is a crucial aspect of software development and Conway’s presentation included the financial cost of bugs released to the market and real examples of such costs incurred by some of the world’s leading organisations. He also outlined Bugwolf’s solutions to the rising cost of software testing, which is reported to be rapidly increasing from 20% to 50%  percent of the overall development cost. He also addressed how market pressures drive fast release cycles and how humans have an advantage over “bots” when it comes to replicating customer experience.

Offering both a self service SaaS Platform with access to a vetted marketplace of testers and Managed Tests with a Testing Director and a team of elite testers, the presentation included proven results such as  including delivering a range of customers between 300% and 1000% return on investment, and a reduction of the release cycle by up to three weeks, all with a team of five testers.

The People’s Choice award is based on a combination of email surveys and surveys taken during presentations.

Other presenters were:

  • Localz presenting on micro-location technology experts who build robust scalable solutions for enterprise.  
  • Crypto Photo on how to block phishing and malware by updating to their fast and easy logins
  • Moroku presenting on how their company makes banking fun.  
  • Level 35, OneView PP presentation on Enterprise Project Management redefined, a better way to manage projects

Guest speaker Andrew Eikmeier, CEO and Founder of Vinomofo also gave an energetic and passionate speech about the emotional and financial ups and downs experienced by entrepreneurs and startups. For a great overview of the day at IBM SmartCamp Melbourne, check out Hackathon Goddess.

Congratulations to IBM SmartCamp Melbourne winner Localz, we wish them every success. We were very excited to learn that Localz won by the slimmest of margins over Bugwolf, just two points from 400.

Altogether, this year’s IBM SmartCamp was a fantastic learning experience for all involved and a strong example of IBM’s commitment to help entrepreneurs and startups push the edge of the digital frontier. It was an honour to participate.

Bugwolf helps digital and delivery teams release software faster with more confidence by unblocking the software testing bottleneck and increasing testing coverage.
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