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How to avoid your call centre being overloaded during a digital release

The world has seen significant change over the last decade due to the digital revolution and organisations have quite literally been eaten by technology and software. These changes have caused organisations to move most of the risk and their main point of engagement with customers to a single plate of glass and digital interface.
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This has put enormous pressure on different parts of organisations and shifted the organisation's risk profile, which was once shared by thousands of employees, to a small but growing team of digital leaders. And when products are released to millions of users with defects, these organisations call centres get overloaded with support calls..

At Bugwolf, we recognise that risk is not always addressed efficiently by technology but has made the impact of failure even higher. To combat this we provide organisations with a fresh set of eyes to review their digital products before release. We do this in an accelerated time and act as an elite team reviewing the work of the your existing quality assurance teams.

The result is significantly faster releases with less defects making it into production, in turn resulting in less support calls to the call centre, and more time selling.

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