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How to fail-proof enterprise apps and websites from iOS updates

Mobility is critical to most digital transformations. As if reimagining traditional desktop websites and applications wasn't challenging enough, digital teams also need to contend with ever-evolving mobile operating systems in order to deliver a high-quality, bug-free user experience.
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Last year alone Apple released more than 14 versions of its iOS operating system. 
This infographic details how Bugwolf helps ASX200 companies manage digital quality in the wake of these changes. The infographic covers:

  • An overview of iOS updates…
  • Why digital leaders must monitor iOS updates…
  • Real-world software failures caused by updates...
  • A summary of iOS update testing benefits…
  • Bugwolf’s unique iOS testing process…

The average consumer could be forgiven for overlooking the subtle impact of iOS updates… but make no mistake, these subtle changes have the potential to disrupt and undermine the quality of your digital assets.

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